September 8, 2020

Shyne Opens Up And Shares Rare Details On 1999 Diddy Nightclub Shooting

Shyne Opens Up And Shares Rare Details On 1999 Diddy Nightclub Shooting

Shyne is detailing the nightclub shooting that went down in 1999.

Former Bad Boy member Shyne dropped of the rap game and is now running for office in Belize.

The rapper turned over a new leaf following his release from prison and is speaking out about the infamous shooting that left him incarcerated in the first place. He joined Fat Joe on his new Instagram show, The Fat Joe Show, where he shared vivid details about that evening, and even spoke about Diddy’s involvement.

“I was in fear for my life,” Shyne began. “Scar who was the instigator … I know Scar from Brooklyn. Those are my guys. I didn’t have a problem with him; that wasn’t my beef. That was Puff’s issue. They had a problem with Puff for whatever reason. Scar, Nino and the entire Brooklyn crowd was in Club New York. I seen them, it was all love but when they started arguing with Puff … I know what these Brooklyn guys are capable of. I know what Scar is capable of. I know what Nino is capable of. I know what happens once these arguments start. Once they start, it becomes a problem — a serious problem. Once he starts talking crazy, yeah, I became afraid for my life. Once he says it’s about to happen then it’s about to happen.

“I seen somebody reach for a gun and I reached for my weapon and I defended my friends and myself. Cause once he starts firing, once whoever else pulls out a gun and starts firing, it doesn’t stop there.”

Joe then asked Shyne about his decision to draw his gun. “I’m thinking about saving my life,” Shyne told Joe. “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. I think for [Puff], he’s a corporation. And he’s thinking about the corporation. So obviously, something like that affects the corporation terribly. At the time, I was thinking life or death. We didn’t have an opportunity for him to say, ‘Thank you for saving my life, saving Jennifer’s life … for saving all our lives.’ Cause he was thinking about the corporation. Did I jump the gun? Absolutely not.”

Shyne fled the scene with Diddy, his then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and a body guard.

Diddy and Shyne were tried in separate trials. Needless to say, Diddy had top of the line lawyers and was acquitted of all charges. As far as Shyne, as he was found guilty on two counts of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession.

The situation left the two at odds, but later made peace with eachother.

“Puff apologized, he did apologize to me for that when we met in Paris,” Shyne continued. “He did say that he could have handled it better but he was under a lot of pressure from the lawyers to throw me under the bus. That’s exactly what Benjamin Brafman, Johnnie Cochran and the entire “Dream Team,” that was their position. Cause Puff is a corporation, he’s a half-a-billion dollar corporation. So nobody is gonna sacrifice the corporation for anyone else.”