April 5, 2018

The Game Chimes in on Fabolous and Emily B’s Case! [PHOTO]

The Game Chimes in on Fabolous and Emily B’s Case! [PHOTO]
Photo Credit: Rick Diamond – Getty Images

Social media critics are a little confused by The Game and the recent opinion he shared on Fabolous and Emily B’s domestic violence incident playing out via social media.

The Los Angeles rapper took to TheShadeRoom’s Instagram comments stating:

“Another Black family torn apart over social media….& look at everyone so happy to see them in shambles….”

After getting a ton of reactions that disagreed with his initial comment, The Game paddled back and further explained the point at which he claims he was trying to make…

“I never said the physical abuse was okay & as expected 90{76ab7490b8e9be71c5480191979192cd4897c17224853a88644dbfa54813b669} of the comments missed my point which was totally about the welfare of their children and our actions as gasoline on the already burning fire….”

Take a look at the full posts below and let us know what you think.

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#TheGame stepped into #TheShadeRoom and weighed in on the #Fab & #EmilyB situation. Thoughts?