June 16, 2022

The Game Put 50 Cent On Blast For Estranged Relationship With His Son

50 Cent Celebrity Video
The Game Put 50 Cent On Blast For Estranged Relationship With His Son

It’s no secret The Game and 50 Cent aren’t BFFs. 

During a recent interview, The Game appeared on the I Am Athlete podcast and had an interesting conversation. The host asked the West Coast rapper a hypothetical question about if he’d ever consider recording an album or doing a film with 50 Cent. 

The Game said if he HAD to, he’d go with doing a film. However, the film would be based around Fif’s estranged relationship with his first-born son, Marquise. The Game even suggested in the film he’d mess with Marquise’s mom and ultimately become the stepdad. The Game said,

“If we on the opposite sides in the movie, I think the movie is he abandoned his son and I come in, you know what I’m sayin’, to the baby moms and show her how, you know, a real dad is.” He went on to say, 

“At first he don’t, you know, he warmin’ up. He don’t just call me dad. The type of parenting and the type of fatherhood that I, you know, adhere to children, that I put on children. It’s like, only a certain amount of time before he gon’ be calling me, you know, dad. It’s like, me and him, I don’t really f**k with him because he abandoned his kid, his own child, his flesh and blood. And then, I come along and pick up the pieces.”

The Game even gave the hypothetical film a title called, Abandonment. He also said he’s not “moved” by taking digs at 50 Cent. Check it out around the 3:00 mark. 

Last month, Tony Yayo “explained” why Fif and the Game don’t see eye to eye. As reported on Complex, Tony told Vlad TV their beef was the result of an existing feud between Jimmy Henchman, the former CEO of Czar which repped Game, and Chris Lighty, the co-founder of Violator and manager of Fif. According to Tony, “Jimmy Henchman never liked Chris Lighty,” which resulted in animosity between the artists they represented.

Tony also says “ego” is the reason 50 Cent kicked The Game out of G Unit. Tony said, 

“You gotta understand man, listen, check this out. When you in a group man, it’s egos man. Motherf*ckers is from the hood. N***s ain’t got no money. No financial experience, nothing. Ain’t made a dollar. You know there’s egos there, man, it’s egos. For Game, I looked at it like I heard the songs co-written by 50, it was fire. I just looked at it as the ultimate assist.”


Do you think we will ever see The Game and 50 Cent make a move like Jeezy and Gucci Mane? They had beef for years but seemingly put their differences to the side in 2020 during a Verzuz battle. 

It was a great moment in hip hop, hopefully we see more of the unity.