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June 01, 2018

This is How Kanye Adresses Drake on 'Ye'

HOT News
This is How Kanye Adresses Drake on 'Ye'
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic) & (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)
Song: “I Thought About Killing You”
Lyrics : “How you gon’ hate? Nigga, we go wayyy back /
“Don’t get socked in the mouth, you know homie don’t playyy that”
Kanye and Drake have had a long lasting friendship. A few years ago, Kanye metaphorically passed the torch to Drake as the best artist. Kanye has also admired Drake’s work ethic and says he makes him work harder in the studio. On this track, Kanye mimicks Drake’s hook on Big Sean’s “Blessings,” where Drake says, “I’m wayyy up, I feel blessed.”
The first track on Drake’s Take Care (2011) is named “Over My Dead Body.” Coincidentally, “I Thought About Killing You” is the first track on this album.
Song: “Yikes”
Lyrics: “Hundred grand’ll make your best friends turn into opps /
I hear y’all bringin’ my name up a notch /
Guess I just turned the clout game up a notch /
See, y’all really shocked but I’m really not”
This line is referencing the invoice Drake sent to Pusha T after dropping the “Duppy Freestyle.” The invoice, for $100,000, had a subject line that read: “professional assistance and career revising” Kanye believes Drake might have mentioned his name in this beef because it’ll bring more attention to it, aka turning “the clout game up a notch.” Kanye is well aware of this move, but makes it clear that he isn’t shocked by Drake’s decision.
Song: “All Mine”
Lyrics: “Hm, mhm, if I see you pull up with the three stripes /
ayy, ayy, I’ma fuck around and make you my bitch.”
Kanye and Pusha T are both signed with Adidas. Drake has a rumored, basically confirmed, deal with Adidas and is working on the release of his supposed upcoming line, “Adinon.” On “The Story of Adinon,” Pusha says, “You are hiding a child, let that boy come home / Deadbeat mothafucka playin’ border patrol, ooh / Adonis is your son / And he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that’s real.”
Song: “Wouldn’t Leave”
Lyrics: “Every time something happen, they want me sent to mental /
We got an incident but I cover incidentals”
When Drake mentioned Kanye on “Duppy Freestlye” everyone expected Kanye to respond. The incident Kanye is referring to is Pusha’s beef. On “The Story of Adinon,” Pusha raps, “I’m selfish I want all the curses.” Pusha makes it clear he wants all the smoke, giving Kanye time to attend to smaller details.
Song: “No Mistakes”
Lyrics: “Too close to snipe you (the Lord still shines on you) /
Truth told, I like you /
(Believe it or not, the Lord still shines on you) /
Too bold to type you /
(Believe it or not) /
Too rich to fight you /
Calm down, you light skin!”
Well, to start, Drake has light skin. Kanye says he is too close to snipe Drake. A sniper is made for distance shooting, Kanye is saying he is physically too close to Drake, they both reside in Calabasas, and has too close of a personal relationship with him to sever ties.
“Truth told, I like you,” Kanye outright says he still likes Drake. “Too bold to type you,” refers to bold font, but also Kanye’s bold personality. Kanye is saying he won’t take the beef to the booth (i.e. typing bold lyrics), but Kanye’s bold personality makes him fearless. He is saying he won’t get involved, but the nature of his personality just might.
Song: “Ghost Town”
Lyrics: “I’m on one, two, three, four, five /
No half-truths, just naked minds”
This is a layered reference. Drake is featured on DJ Khaled’s 2011 song, “I’m on One.” To be “on one” means not caring what other people think about you and doing whatever you want. Kanye says he is on 1-5, which could allude to the five albums he’s been working on: Pusha T, Nas, Kid Cudi & Kanye, Ye and Teyana Taylor.
Kanye says, “no half-truths.” On “The Story of Adinon,” Pusha says, “Confused, always felt you weren’t black enough.” By choosing the word “half,” Kanye could be referencing Drake’s insecurity about being biracial.
Kanye purposefully doesn’t say he’s on six. Drake has made six a mantra throughout his career, even referring to himself as the ‘6 God,’ in homage to Toronto.