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December 30, 2022

Our Predictions On What To Expect In 2023!

HOT News
Our Predictions On What To Expect In 2023!
2022 was a year full of a return to our new version of normalcy, releases from all of our favorite artists, big anticipated movie releases, and a slew of concerts and festivals.
With all the craziness that we endured in 2022 what do we think is going to happen in 2023?
Take a look below.

We finally get a woman group record!

Let's face it, the women in hip hop really made a statement in 2022! Not only did top artists such as Nicki Minaj return, Megan Thee Stallion give us an album, and Cardi B give us some memorable verses, but artists such as Glorilla, Ice Spice, Doechii, Lola Brooke, and more broke out. Not to be left out Latto, Coi Leray and more also left their mark.
With the diversity of women MC's starting to grow as more become mainstream, I predict we get one powerful, and special moment when some of the talented and beautiful artists mentioned above collaborate on a track - mirrored in style like 1996's hit single by Lil Kim, Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Left Eye, and Angie Martinez's "Ladies Night". This moment will peak with a performance at a popular award show together in 2023.
And we are sure as hell excited and ready to see it.

The New York Giants Make An Improbable Run In The Playoffs

Wait! The New York Giants are making the playoffs? As of publish time it sure looks that way. As we all know by now once you get to the playoffs anything can happen.
And anything will happen! New York Giants will surprise many with a small run in the playoffs where they will lose in the NFC Championship game. A disappointing end to the season, but something to give Giants fans to get excited about next year.

JAY-Z Surprises Us With An Album

It's been over five years since we got a solo album from JAY-Z. Coming off one of the most popular verses in 2022 with the DJ Khaled track "God Did", It's clear he still has a lot to say, and with that he's going to continue the trend of big releases in 2022, and surprise the hip hop world with a new feature length album.

A Rihanna World Tour Announced!

It's really happening yall! After years of the Navy asking when Rihanna was going to grace us with a new project. She didn't quite give us that, but the new mother did grace us with a couple of tracks for the Black Panther project. With what is sure to be an epic performance at the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show, it's a perfect time to not only announce new music, market her Savage Fenty brand AND announce a World Tour for 2024.
Riri's back!

Will Smith & Chris Rock Come Together

It's bound to happen. It's the entertainment business. Will Smith helped give people A LOT to talk about when he shocked the world by slapping Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars. Rock and Chappelle's Ego Death tour continues in 2023. Tickets for the tour sky rocketed following the unfortunate incident. Meanwhile Smith has come out of his period of silence with the recent release of the film Emancipation.
It sets the stage for a moment of reconciliation on the biggest stage. What better way to show peace (and get some money) with an exclusive to an outlet starved for ratings. 2023 will be the year or reconciliation!

A Bridging Of The Eras: Collaboration Track For The Ages

Hip Hop is turning 50-years-old, and many many outlets will be celebrating half a century of the greatest culture in the world. Almost every major hip hop outlet will be celebrating the event, but at least one will result in a wonderful collaboration bridging the gap between different eras in hip hop.

The Demise Of Twitter, Facebook & Tik Tok

2022 saw social media platforms take a hit in credibility and investigations from the government. 2023 will continue the trend, and while the platforms will continue to exist, it will take a hit that will change how we use these platforms overall.