January 29, 2019

Tory Lanez Wants To Take On The Entire Dreamville Roster To Get To J. Cole

Tory Lanez Wants To Take On The Entire Dreamville Roster To Get To J. Cole
(Photo Credit: David Wolff – Patrick/Getty Images)

Tory Lanez wants everyone in the rap game!

After releasing his diss track “Don Queen”, shooting at Don Q, he’s ready to take out the whole Dreamville camp in order to get to J. Cole.

During Tory’s Instagram Live session on Twitter (Jan.28), he let his feelings show by making comments on the whole Dreamville squad saying, “the only thing I’m gonna say about the Dreamville situation is this. I’ll take the whole Dreamville out by myself and if I do that then you gotta give me Cole.”

After hearing those comments, J.I.D replied on his Instagram and Twitter.

“Bruh just wanna get close to cole but drop the records u bold balding brother,” he said. “Bruh know what time I’m on, you just tryna get to Cole so this really had nun to do w me but u said you’ll merk the squad, cease and desist.”

That led to Tory challenging the rapper to go head to head and let the people decide who is the best rapper in the game.

“Lolol you know you my lil brother … so I’m not gone diss u . but lets go on a song and bar out,” he said. “And let the people decide who ripped it harder. and who has better bars . flows ETC . you can be first.”

The Toronto native then said,  “BUT then again if you wanna take the other route … we can do that too … go ahead and roll the dice.”

J.I.D didn’t back down 

https://twitter.com/JIDsv/status/1090047534058196992 )

Tory is taking all these challenges at once. He is still in an on-going rap beef with Don Q. After Tory came back with “Don Queen”, the Bronx rapper delivered a comeback faster then Amazon prime with another diss song “This Is Ya King?.”

Now we’ll have to wait and see if Tory Lanez responds to Don Q or J.I.D. On the streak that Tory is on, he may respond to both at once.

Check out J.I.D’s response to Tory’s challenge, their Twitter exchange and Instagram Live sessions below.