November 11, 2018

Trump Can No Longer Play Rihanna’s Music By Law!

Trump Can No Longer Play Rihanna’s Music By Law!

Photo credit: Samir Hussein / Getty Images 

It’s no secret that singer Rihanna was not here for her music being played at one of President Donald Trump rallies. She took to twitter to express her concerns, stating “me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies..”

Following that tweet- BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) took legal action. Rihanna’s Music was removed from the “political entities license” agreement. This mean her music will no longer be able to be played during the Presidents campaign events or rallies.  

“BMI has received a communication from Robyn Fenty, professionally known as ‘Rihanna,’ objecting to the Trump Campaign’s use of Rihanna’s musical works,” BMI states, “As such … this letter serves as notice that Rihanna’s musical works are excluded from the [political entities&#93 Agreement, and any performance of Rihanna’s musical works by the Trump Campaign from this date forward is not authorized by BMI.”

Safe to say Rih Rih was not playing.

Rihanna brushing her hair off her shoulder