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October 11, 2022

Universal Hip-Hop Museum Held It’s 4th Annual Black Tie Gala in The Bronx

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Universal Hip-Hop Museum Held It’s 4th Annual Black Tie Gala in The Bronx
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On Sunday, October 9th the Universal Hip-Hop Museum hosted its 4th Annual Black Tie fundraiser in the Bronx! The Universal Hip-Hop Museum Museum is set for open in 2024, but currently has a pop-up exhibit highlighting the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. 

At the 4th Annual Gala, WBLS DJ Chuck Chillout had the people dancing to a lot of the biggest hits from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. During the event, museum leadership presented break dancer Chunky B with a plaque in her honor. Footage of Chunky B breaking is on display at the Revolution of Hip-Hop pop-up exhibit currently open in the Bronx. 

With just a year and change left until the museum opens its doors, it got some unique fundraising initiatives. Reggie Peters, a board trustee for the museum explained their new “One For All” campaign explaining “we are in the process of doing a capital campaign called ‘One for All,’ where everyone around the world can donate $1 with the goal of raising $50 million. The purpose of the money is to develop the interior fit of the museum and get all of our artifacts and collectibles in place and really just create an interactive experience that’s never been done before.” The museum has also received millions in donations from major companies like Microsoft, who also used their technology to create amazing exhibits in the pop-up museum.

The UHHM is set to be a home for hip-hop comparable to the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame and the Country music Hall Of Fame. This is a massive step in solidifying the importance of the genre in American culture. On that note Peters said “New York City, particularly the Bronx, is the birthplace of hip hop from around the world. And it’s just very important that we solidify that landmark in the Bronx to let people know that this is where it all began. This is where we’re building and we just feel like the Bronx needs an uplifting atmosphere and a change in direction if our culture is concerned.”

HOT 97 Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Gwynet Charles-Bryant echoed this sentiment “Hip-hop spread throughout the globe and we want that legacy here. It didn’t just stay in the Bronx. It didn’t just stay in New York. It went global. People like us and what we’re doing right here and what the Universal Hip-Hop Museum chose to do. They wanted to capture not only the moments, but capture what it means for the last 50 years and the next 50 years to come.”

Overall the Black Tie fundraiser was a beautiful night in the Bronx filled with community leaders, hip-hop legends, and dancing. The mood was optimistic as friends of hip-hop are preparing for the opening of a state of the art facility that will immortalize hip-hop culture forever.