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March 23, 2020

UPDATE On The Coronavirus Stimulus $1000 Relief Check!

UPDATE On The Coronavirus Stimulus $1000 Relief Check!

As Americans try to adjust to “new life” (for now), citizens wonder how the Coronavirus pandemic will affect their pockets.

We covered the story, last week there was chatter over a proposed $1 trillion relief package that could pay adults $1000 or more to help with the economic impact of COVID-19. Many Americans have to work from home, or their job has been closed to stop the spread of the virus.

Reported on NBC, a vote for the stimulus bill failed Sunday night in the Senate. Republicans needed 60 votes for the bill but Democrats said they were “dissatisfied with worker protections in the bill, which was written by Republicans, and that the rules on corporate bailouts are too lax.” The article also says that Democrats didn’t want the bill because it will allow corporations to keep bailout money while still firing workers.

They are also concerned that the bill “lacks specific provisions to protect people from evictions, foreclosure or forbearance and that it would allow for only three months of unemployment insurance.” So as of right now until a deal is reached, no federal aid will be given out.

The Senate reportedly wants to move forward with its bill and is “hopeful and optimistic” they will be able to find the best agreement. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky tested positive for the coronavirus which may hold up the process as others may have to get tested.