January 5, 2017

What A Shame! Fight Allegedly BREAKS OUT At Ricky Harris’ Funeral [VIDEO]

What A Shame! Fight Allegedly BREAKS OUT At Ricky Harris’ Funeral [VIDEO]
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What a terrible way to celebrate a person’s legacy.

Ricky Harris had his funeral Tuesday (Jan 3), in Long Beach, California and things didn’t go as planned after an incident disrupted the ceremony.

Allegedly, the story goes that Harris’ cousin got a little too close for comfort to Snoop Dogg who attended the funeral and his bodyguard tackled him.

“It’s so disrespectful,” Shepard said on Periscope. “So disrespectful to his memory.”

Harris died last week at the age of 54-years-old. He and Snoop Dogg are childhood friend who also appeared in the rapper’s classic album Doggystyle.

According to TMZ

Multiple sources inside the Long Beach church tell us it was one of Ricky’s cousins who stepped to Snoop and called him a “b**** a** n****.” We’re told 2 members of Snoop’s crew — Daz Dillinger and another dude — stepped up, took down the cousin … and all hell broke loose.

Snoop responded with an Instagram video paying his own respects to the comedian.

See the video, the Periscope and the responses below.


So while Sherri Shephard and other folks is reporting there was a fight, the story today 12/4/16 was that it was Ricky’s cousin who had mental illness and that he was just a little too emotional and so he was escorted out of building So no fight’s at the funeral…just love

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