May 1, 2018

What We Learned: Top 10 Quotes From T.I.’s Interview w/ Ebro in the Morning [VIDEO]

What We Learned: Top 10 Quotes From T.I.’s Interview w/ Ebro in the Morning [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Karl Ferguson Jr.)

Days after the release of the impromptu song “Ye vs. The People,” T.I. sat down with Ebro in the Morning to have very open dialog on his meeting with Kanye West last week. 

He detailed what they discussed in the meeting, and even gave some insight into what Kanye is thinking as he continues to tweet what some believe to be outlandish things about Donald Trump, politics, and free thinking. 

Before leaving, he also discussed his stance on gun laws in America based off of comments made by Killer Mike two weeks ago. 

As for who began the “trap music” movement, he his keeping his feet down in making sure people know that he was the first person to coin the term. 

Below are 10 Key Quotes From The Ebro in the Morning Interview.

On His Current Relationship With Tiny

“It’s been worst places. Everytime you think you have like you have one level of it figured out you break into another. Every level of difficulty requires a strategy. It’s like Zelda.“ 

On Kanye West Alligning Himself With Alt-Right Republicans

“We as a black delegation on this earth can’t afford to lose ‘Ye to the other side. That’s a catastrophic loss we’re talking about. What are we going to get for that Elton John? I’ve invested too much time Mr. West.”

On Kanye West Not Being Able To Articulate His True Thoughts

This is what we are faced with guys. Just to be quite honest with you guys, he’s a phenomenal talent in our generation. He deserves to be heard and considered no matter how preposterous it may be. I disagree with it infadically. First off all we have to realize its Kanye West we are talking about. There ain’t but 1{76ab7490b8e9be71c5480191979192cd4897c17224853a88644dbfa54813b669} of the population of the earth that really speaks the language of Kanye West. And the problem is the stuff that come inside of his head when it actually comes out his mouth and makes its way to the air, it’s totally different than it was in his head. You kind of need a translator.“

“When’s the last time you have seen Kanye in a room without a bunch of people he put in the room?“ 

After Asking Kanye If He Thought About Losing Fans

“You said you were leading with love. But have you considered the people that you hurting? You sacrificing all of them [fans&#93 just to love him [Donald Trump&#93? He said naw I didn’t think of that. Maybe I should of thought of that. 

“When you have an idea, how often do you challenge this idea before it hits the air.” Kanye responded, ‘well I just usually think and go.’“

“My self conscious spoke to my conscious and moved me to do this.“ – Kanye told T.I.

“That’s what else I asked him. How much are you willing to risk. How much are you willing to lose. What are you willing to sacrifice.”

If He Feels That Anyone In His Circle Has Tried To Challenge His Thoughts
“Nobody ever asked him what the play was. I heard nobody open up the floor and say ‘what’s up, where your head at with this?’“

Understanding Kanye

“The longer I spent talking to him the more I started to see what he was saying. Now if you just talk to him for 10 seconds or 15 seconds you are going to think he lost his mind. The longer he speaks about it. Even when I don’t agree with it, I feel like it is something that he is working he is working through with his own personal journey.“

“Once he makes it about his personal journey its hard for me to critique him. Yo like what makes you think thats the right thing to do. He go, if I was thinking about it I probably wouldn’t do it. But my selfconscious tell me to move I mean my spIrIt. I gotta move. I can’t say I know more than your spirit. How you gon tell somebody that?”

Response To Kanye’s scatting in “Lift Off”

“I felt a sense of condescention there. I said you playing now. Now you playing. I never thought he was going to put that out though.” – Doesn’t think it’s funny. 

Kanye 2024

“He is certainly serious about running for president. Im talking about this is a real thing.”

Gun Laws In US – Does He Agree w/ Killer Mike’s Stance On Guns?

“I really do believe when you remove the ability to defend one self from a citizen then you begin to enslave them. Period. No way around that. They have been selling like hot cakes for 80, 90 years. How are you going to stop now and pretend you rid the world of them?”

“Thats the thing you need to change. The classifications of people who can and cannot buy a gun.” 

Who Created Trap Muzik?

“What terms. The words trap and music were never put together in a phrase before I did it in 2003. So with that bit of information you go on say what you want to say. I’m going to look stupid trying to prove a fact as simple as that. It’s right there man. Before August 19, 2003, the word trap Muzik didn’t exist. The word trap and music  as a phrase was never done before. Whatever happened after that is under that. Whether you like it or not. Period.

“No conversation necessary. Didn’t feel slighted. “Im going to continue to diversify my portfolio, that’s going to have to work itself out. I’m too intelligent for that.

Listen to T.I.’s brand new single featuring Jaquees titled “Certified” here.

He will also reprise his role as Dave in Ant-Man and the Wasp which is due in theaters July 6.

Watch the full interview below.


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