August 22, 2017

Woman Accuses R. Kelly Of Knowingly Having Underage Sex & REVEALS Details Of Alleged Sex Cult

Woman Accuses R. Kelly Of Knowingly Having Underage Sex & REVEALS Details Of Alleged Sex Cult
(Photo Credit: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

The claims against R. Kelly has gotten worse after one of his former victims decided to break her non-disclosure form and reveal her experiences with the singer.

In another bombshell article from Jim DeRogatis of Buzzfeed, back in 2008, Jerhona Johnson was a superfan of R. Kelly who skipped school to attend and support her favorite singer as he faced 14 counts of child pornography in trial at the age of 15-years-old. By the time she was 16, he invited her to his house where she and a friend went to the part and got his phone number.

She revealed that she had told him she was 16 at the time, and he told her to tell people that she was 19-years-old.

If Kelly was previously unaware of Pace’s age, she says she told him for certain that she was 16 on July 17, 2009, a claim she also made in the aforementioned documents. “I gave him my state ID,” she says. She recalls that Kelly told her things were fine, but that she should tell anyone who asked that she was 19, and act like she was 25.

According to the report, they continued the relationship in which he allegedly took her virginity, recorded their sexual escapades without her permission, asked her to dress in a school girl outfit and pigtails and call her “daddy,” not allowed to shower, eat, talk to her friends without his permission, and eventually hit and spit on.

The two eventually ended their relationship where she signed a non-disclosure form in exchange for a paid settlement. She broke that agreement for this story, and may now pursue criminal charges.

This is following a report of R. Kelly running a cult of young women where he controls every aspect of their lives, and allegedly abusing and brainwashing women.

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