January 7, 2017

Wow! 50 Cent Makes A BIG Announcement! [VIDEO]

50 Cent
Wow! 50 Cent Makes A BIG Announcement! [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images)

It’s on!

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are going to be fighting each other live on pay-per-view later this year. So how can this matchup get even crazier?

With an undercard of course!

50 Cent made the announcement on his Instagram page.

“We have 21 Savage and we have 22 Savage, he said. “They gonna fight for their name and we’re gonna have only one Savage.”

In case you haven’t followed, both artists have gone back and forth in the past few months over the name.

He wasn’t done either. Apparently, former NBA players Tim Thomas and Kenyon Martin have a bit off a beef. 50 claims that they will be added to the bill too.

We have a boxing card folks! We’re yet to see an official confirmation, but if this happens it could be a crazy night!

See his announcement below.



UP DATE, BIG FIGHT NEWS, we might have to do this at the BX FIGHT CLUB.

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Hold up now, you see it. #putthegunsdown

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