October 28, 2019

YG Kicks Fan Off Stage After Refusing To Say ‘F*** Donald Trump’

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YG Kicks Fan Off Stage After Refusing To Say ‘F*** Donald Trump’
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You surely don’t see this everyday.

Last year, YG decided to take the sentiment of many of his fans, and people around his community, and decided to make it into a song when he created one of his biggest singles to date “FDT,” which stands for “F**k Donald Trump.”

During his show at the Mala Luna Music Festival in San Antonio, Texas, one fan didn’t quite want to join in on the crowd. When asked to go up stage, the Compton rapper asked the fan to say the words in which he was denied.

“I don’t know if I want to shake your hand yet,” he said. “Listen, I spotted you out in the crowd. I asked you if you f*** with Donald Trump. You said you don’t know. So, since you don’t know, I need you to make up your mind tonight… Because I know your mama, your daddy, your grandmama, your grandfather is watching, I want you to state your name and go ‘F*** Donald Trump.’ 

The fan then died the opportunity to say those words, and was swiftly uninvited to the stage. “No, you won’t, YG questioned. “He a Donald Trump supporter. Get his ass out of here.”

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According to Variety, he continued his comments by asking fans not to allow him back to the crowd after he got off stage.

“Don’t come to a motherf***ing show with YG on the motherf***ing bill if you a Donald Trump supporter,” he began. “F*** are you doing? Don’t let his a** back in the crowd. Tell him YG said so. Donald Trump’s racist. He don’t f*** with black people, so if you f*** with Donald Trump, you racist as f*** and I can’t f*** with you. Period.”

Do you think he went too far?