“A Kid Named Cudi” and Other Cudi Classics Are Now Streaming!

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The days of searching YouTube and SoundCloud for your favorite throwback Cudi tracks are ending. Over the weekend classic Kid Cudi songs like “Cleveland Is The Reason” and “The Prayer” became available on Spotify with the release of “A Kid Named Cudi.”

A Kid Named Cudi was released July 17th 2008, and then re-released on July 15th, 2022. 

The project was Kid Cudi’s debut mixtape and the launchpad for Cudi’s career. Many of the sounds and songs heard on A Kid Named Cudi served as a precursor for the critically acclaimed album “Man On The Moon.” Man On The Moon (The Anthem) debuted on A Kid Named Cudi but then served as a bonus track as well as the name of Mescudi’s debut studio album. 

The list of producers on A Kid Named Cudi is essentially a list of hip-hop greats; Outkast, Andre 3000, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, J Dilla, Plain Pat, and Dot da Genius to name a few. Nearly fifteen years after its release, the Cudder’s first mixtape still resonates with listeners both in sound and substance. Few artists’ catalogs have aged as gracefully as Cudis. 

But that mixtape isn’t the only throwback track that Cudder released! 

Cudi’s song “love.” has been circling the internet since 2015, slowly developing a cult following. Back in 2015 love. was released only on Kid Cudi’s official SoundCloud, but now is featured on Cudi’s greatest hits album “The Boy Who Flew To The Moon.” Other than SoundCloud, the track has never been formally released until this week!