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December 2, 2021

Track by Track – Rap? by Tierra Whack

Meagan Good
Track by Track – Rap? by Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack’s New EP – Rap? taken Track by Track.

Almost three years ago Tierra Whack released Whack World, a one-of-a-kind 15-minute long album consisting of 15 songs. Today, Whack dropped a 3-song EP titled Rap? that is more than half the length of her previous 15 song album. 

Tierra Whack is the Queen of Philadelphia and probably the most prominent women rapping from the City of Brotherly Love since Eve or Shortie No Mass. Whack’s eye for design combined with her ability to rap and make interesting yet fun music has drawn Missy Elliot comparisons. 

It’s impossible to deny Whack’s talent, since the release of Whack World she has catapulted into stardom. After two years of dropping singles and branded-songs with companies like EA Sports, LEGO’s, and the 76ers – fans are finally getting another Whack project. 

Let’s take the EP – Rap? track by track:

Stand Up – The beat to Stand Up is reminiscent of the distorted baseline of a Limp Bizkit or similar 90’s nu metal band. In an interview with Apple Music, Whack told the interviewer that Stand Up was partially inspired by Jay-Z comparing Whack to the Joker.  

Despite the distorted nu metal baseline, Whack calmly and almost cheerfully talks her shit. 

“Million dollar, you cannot afford this
If I wanted I could make the Forbes list”

Throughout Rap? Tierra Whack is seemingly re-introducing herself to fans who are eager for more of her music and to new fans just finding her.

“I really only smile just to show my grill
Rather have the skill than the sex appeal
Signed a Lego deal just so I can build
Hammer time baby, this is not a drill”

Meagan Good – There are no gimmicks, no bits, no jokes on Meagan Good, just bars. This is a much more traditional rap song than people would expect from Whack. On Meagan Good Whack raps about moving on from an ex and how far she’s grown since separating. 

“I don’t wanna take you back, you gon’ say I should
Oh, you gon’ say I should, I’m doin’ Meagan Good
I’m doin’ Meagan Good (Yeah), I’m doin’ Meagan Good”

Throughout the song Whack paints a vivid picture of a relationship gone wrong, as well as her healthy growth away from the situation. 

Millions – Summertime ridin’ through Philly we coastin! The final track on this EP is a soul filled feel good track about making it. Y’all want millions, we want billions. 

This is a song for Philly – Whack mentions North Philly, the Broad Street Bullies, and riding through Philly in the summer. Millions carries on the Joker narrative that Whack spoke about to Apple Music, “North Philly’s own, I’m a God to the children. I done played my role as the hero and the villain.” 

Per Apple Music – Jay-Z said to Whack, “Yo, you’re the joker of the game… You come off happy but there’s a dark side.” Hov said it best, Tierra Whack can rap about breakups and hardship but make it sound bubbly and beautiful. 

If you’re not familiar with Tierra Whack – listen to Rap?