4Batz Drops “U made me a st4r” Short Film

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4Batz releases a short film accompanying his debut EP, showcasing his life before fame.

Suddenly emerging in December 2023 with a large following, the rapid success sparked accusations of being an “Industry Plant.” “U made me a st4r” clarifies the origin of his name and identity behind the mask, much like the EP of the same title. 

The short film tells the story of a new artist’s toxic relationship, which inspired his music career. It pays homage to the moment most fans were introduced to the new star with the “From The Block” freestyle.

The short film, directed by Jeffery Jackson, co-stars actress Skai Rose Young. Please be advised that it contains some adult material. 

4Batz’s EP includes 12 new songs that tell a heartbreaking love story. He reflects on the newfound success and how it came to be. In a recent interview with Adin Ross, he revealed that he sources all his beats from YouTube.

4Batz commented on Kendrick Lamar’s diss tracks aimed at Drake, stealing hip-hop’s attention on X over the weekend. Directed at Kendrick, he tweets, “Yo @kendricklamar I just dropped my tape my n***a can I get 24hrs at least.”

The short film reveals no animosity between Drake and 4Batz, despite fans assuming otherwise due to Drizzy’s absence on 4Batz’s debut EP. The film features 4Batz and Drake’s collaboration, “act ii: date @ 8 (remix).” Fans wondered if there was a problem between 4Batz and OVO, who he signed a licensing deal with in March, as the label was not credited on his EP. Ye, Drake’s nemesis, was also featured on a track from the EP.

4Batz cleared up the Drake allegations on X, tweeting, “I ain’t got no problem with that n***a. I got the number 1 mixtape in the WORLD and it’s not even an album.”