50 Cent To Son :”That N&%$#’s CRAZY” re: CHILD SUPPORT Drama, Ashanti Response To Irv Gotti’s Claims

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The Wrap Up with L’Orèal Luchi, keeping you informed on everything that happened in hip hop culture this week:


Ashanti seemingly responds to Irv Gotti’s comments about their alleged sexual relationship on the remix of Diddy’s “Gotta Move On” ft. Bryson Tiller. Some of the lyrics include:

“It’s giving obsessed, it’s giving you stressed / It’s giving you pressed, it’s giving this n***a missing the best / But it’s been 20 years, please cry less.”

Irv hasn’t responded, but take a listen:

Young Thug:

Young Thug’s lawyer said his client is “rotting in jail” amid prosecutors wanting to push the trial back two months. Fulton County DA Fani Willis filed a motion to move the trial to March because eight of the 28 defendants don’t have representation. Brian Steel, Young Thug’s lawyer is fighting hard against it and demands his client be released on bond. Brian says it’s unjust to make Thug wait longer because of the other indicted YSL members. Brian said, “The prosecution continues to use this trial date as a weapon to keep Mr. Williams in custody.” As of now, the trial is still set for January 9, 2023. 

Kanye West:

Kanye West found himself locked from social media platforms after he violated the app’s policies. This was in response to a post in which Kanye claimed he was going to go quote, “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.” Previously, Kanye was also banned from Instagram for sharing an anti-Semitic post. IG didn’t specifically say why they banned Ye, but Telsa CEO Elon Musk came to Kanye’s rescue on Twitter, and lifted the suspension. 

Elon Tweeted, “welcome back to Twitter, my friend!” Elon Musk, who’s attempting to buy Twitter and became the company’s largest shareholder after he acquired 9.2 percent of Twitter’s stock for $2.64 billion, spoke to Kanye about the anti-Semitic tweet. Is it possible Elon Musk is using Kanye as a pawn to get under IG CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s skin? The two tech CEO’s have a history of petty beef, see the full breakdown.

50 Cent Vs. Marquise Jackson:

50 Cent’s eldest son, Marquise Jackson, told social media the $6700 in child support payment he received from his dad “wasn’t enough” to maintain living in NYC. Marquise faced criticism over being ungrateful and needing to get a job. On the other hand, some online users empathized with Marquise, especially after 50 seemingly responded by sharing a clip from Power where he played the role of Kanan, and killed his son. 

Marquise challenged his dad to spend time with him and said it’s never been about the money. Marquise said his dad thinks he’s entitled but all Marquise wants should be able to sit down like men talk. 50 responded in a comical sketch.

Nicki Minaj:

The University of California Berkeley is offering a course about Nicki Minaj in the spring of 2023. The name of it is called: Nicki Minaj: The Black Barbie Femmecee & Hip Hop Feminisms. It’ll focus on women’s Empowerment. Nicki responded to the news and said she’d love to stop by.

Lil Baby:

Lil Baby stopped by the hot 97 studio to do his freestyle funk Flex; check it out.