Jay-Z Reportedly Upset With Colin Kaepernick + Believes Moving Workout Was A Publicity Stunt

Jay-Z wearing white on stage

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images)

It looks like Jay-Z isn’t happy with Colin Kaepernick after the location of the workout was changed. 

Complex states that a source close to the situation states that “Jay-Z feels disappointed with Colin’s actions and believed he turned a legitimate workout into a publicity stunt. 

On Saturday (November 16th), Kapernick changed the location of his NFL tryout after the league denied any media access. He made a public announcement that he will not be having his workout at the Atlanta Falcons’ training facility, instead, he had it at a high school in Riverdale, Georgia. 

Kaepernick started that the change was made to allow media access during the session. See the post below.