Lil’ Kim Reveals Final Edits Of Her Memoir Are Complete

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Lil’ Kim’s memoir, “The Queen Bee,” is finally at the finish line.

Today (July 31), the Brooklyn rapper took to her social media to share a photo of the draft and revealed that fashion designer Marc Jacobs has written the forward. “It’s been a long journey, Beehive, edits are finally done,” she captioned the Instagram post. “Thank you to my bestie/soulmate [Marc Jacobs] for doing my forward.”

“The Queen Bee,” which was written alongside writer and journalist Kathy Iandoli, was initially set to be released in November of 2021. But due to unexplainable delays, multiple news reports confirmed that the biography is set to arrive sometime in 2024. “My first big writing check I ever earned,” Iandoli tweeted. “I used to buy my first Marc Jacobs bag because Lil’ Kim was his BFF so I needed to have one. Now I’m here working with Marc Jacobs on the Foreword to Lil’ Kim’s memoir, that I helped her write. Don’t ever deny the power of manifesting.”