Lizzo ‘Quits’ Music Industry Citing ‘I’m Constantly Up Against Lies’

Lizzo 'Quits' Music Industry Citing 'I'm Constantly Up Against Lies'
Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage for Parkwoo

Lizzo sends shockwaves through social media with a major career update. 

Taking to Instagram on Friday (March 29), the “Tempo” hitmaker candidly shared she’s taking a step back from music.

“I’m getting tired of putting up with getting dragged by everyone in my life and on the internet,” she begins in the statement.

“All I want is to make music and make people happy and help the world be a little better than how I found it. But I’m starting to feel like the world doesn’t want me in it.

“I’m constantly up against lies being told about me for clout & views … being the butt of the joke every single time because of how I look … my character being picked apart by people who don’t know me and disrespecting my name.”

“I didn’t sign up for this shit – I QUIT,” she concludes.

Check out the post below.

Fans flooded the comment section with pleas for Lizzo to reconsider her decision, offering outpourings of support.

“I don’t know if it helps, but you’ve definitely helped me feel more confident and brave to post. I think you’re amazing and its unfair how people treat bigger black women on the internet. You don’t deserve all this, I do hope it stops soon,” wrote one fan in response to the news.

“Enjoy your life, you’ve given a lot of joy. You owe no one nothing and I’m sorry the world was not kinder. X,” a second comment reads.

“You quitting lets them win! Don’t stop doing what you love! You make that music and come back stronger!” wrote another.

Last August, Lizzo was sued by three former backup dancers — Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez — alleging a “toxic work environment.”

While the jaw-dropping sexual assault and harassment lawsuit was recently put on ice, she continues to contest a January ruling denying her motion to dismiss the case.