Ne-Yo’s Baby Mother Issues Apology After Public Spat: ‘Full Moon Was Out, Cycle On, Postpartum Built With Frustration’

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Ne-Yo‘s ex-girlfriend, Sade Bagnerise, appears to have reversed course on her choice to publicly discuss the couple’s private matters on social media.

Taking to her Instagram Story, in a long winded message, Sade shared that after a moment of reflection – following a chat with her father – she felt as though she made an error in “putting yall in our business.”

“So I’m drinking my boba [tea emoji] tea talking to my Dad on the phone, self-reflecting & I’d like to apologize for putting yall in our business,” she said.

“Emotions were heightened, and I want tht best him to show up. But i understand you can’t make ppl feel you. I have good faith everything will come together. Full moon was out, cycle on, postpartum built with frustration and a lot of underlining issues that we needed to be addressed

“Trying to do tha with the problem present made heightened emotions. I’m human. I hurt too. & i want the best for everyone. That’s all I was fussing for. Nothing more [heart hands emoji] som understanding.”

Regarding criticism she’s faced since publicly discussing her relationship with the R&B crooner, she remarked, “Yall always think somebody mad or bitter and call ppl like Katt Williams crazy for yearsssss and just to turn around and find out WE BE RIGHT. But this is the age of the truth.”

“I will sit bk and let the truth unfold. He can let me look like the bad guy but he KNOWS my heart and my intentions are PURE. All i ask for is do right by the ones who is needing you the most right now. That’s all. I’m passionate [shrug emoji],” continued Bagnerise.

In a recent Instagram Live video, Ne-Yo’s ex-girlfriend, Sade Bagnerise, made serious allegations against him, including claims of physical assault and neglectful parenting. Bagnerise filmed Ne-Yo inside his home, accusing him of “body slamming” her and alleging the presence of drugs and prostitutes while their young sons were present.

She addressed Ne-Yo as “Diddy Junior” and accused him of inappropriate behavior in front of their sleeping children. Ne-Yo responded defensively, explaining that he was trying to remove her from the home due to her disruptive behavior.

Bagnerise additionally alleged that Ne-Yo maintains a lifestyle involving “hoes, drugs, weed, alcohol, mushrooms, and prostitutes” while their children are present. She maintained that she stepped in to assist with childcare because Ne-Yo “won’t watch” them.