NY’s Andrew Cuomo Said If He Wasn’t The Governor, He’d Punch Donald Trump, ‘PERIOD!’ 

Andrew Cuomo
Photographer: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Andrew Cuomo held back no punches during his interview with Howard Stern!

During an hour sit-down on The Howard Stern Show, Andrew criticized Donald Trump for referring to his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, as “Fredo.” Andrew said the reference to Michael Corleone’s brother in “The Godfather” is “like the N-word” to Italians and Italian-Americans. Andrew went on to speak about the “mafia stereotype” being a “stain” on Italians for a long time. 

Andrew told Howard,

“If I wasn’t governor of New York, I would have decked him. Period. I mean he was attacking me, he was attacking my family, he was anti-Italian. Every nasty thing.”

Full interview here. Snippet: