Official Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace Presented By KRS-ONE In D.C.

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Hip Hop At 50. Now, this is what you call making history.

KRS-ONE recently handed over the Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace (HHDOP) to Washington D.C.’s National Hip-Hop Museum during an induction bash at the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) HQ. 

This declaration, official Hip-Hop paperwork, proclaims Hip-Hop a global force for peace and prosperity. It received the United Nations stamp of approval in 2001 and spells out 18 key principles of Hip-Hop. Stars like UNESCO, Hip-Hop influencers, and even UN officials have signed on.

The induction gig rolled out the red carpet for Hip-Hop legends like MC Sha Rock, Roxanne Shante, Queen Lisa Lee, Kurtis Blow, and more. RBI, the museum’s music head honcho, and Philly’s DJ Cash Money took charge of the beats while KRS-ONE laid down some fresh tracks.

To top it off, Grandmaster Caz and JayQuan, the Hip-Hop Historian, had a blast hosting a live podcast with the new inductees.

Adding to the glitz, RIAA plaques were handed out to some heavyweights like Master Gee from The Sugar Hill Gang, KRS-ONE himself, and Kool Rock Ski from The Fat Boys, who brought along the sons of their late bandmates, Prince Markie Dee and Buffy The Human Beat Box.

The vibe was electric, with Disco Bee from Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5, Davy DMX, William “Billy Bill” Waring, and a bunch of other Hip-Hop royalty gracing the event. Roxanne Shante, beaming with pride, shared her two cents about the milestone, and Kool Rock Ski couldn’t hide his excitement, especially knowing that his crew, The Fat Boys, was getting the love they deserved.

Jeremy Beaver, the brain behind the National Hip-Hop Museum, spilled the beans to Rock The Bells that the HHDOP will be front and center at the museum’s House of Hip Hop exhibit space on 2622 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington DC, for the next 30 days.