Prosecutors Use R. Kelly’s 1994 Marriage To Aaliyah As Proof He Should Stay In Jail

R. Kelly

(Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

As most people would, R. Kelly is having a rough time in jail as he awaits his trial on sexual abuse and child pornography charges.

It has been reported that the singer is “begging” a judge to release him from solitary confinement, as he feels that he is being treated unfairly due to his celebrity status, and that the conditions have been terrible for someone who is still awaiting trial and has not been guilty.

Federal prosecutors in the state of Illinois are arguing that claim, and they are using one of the singers most infamous moments to prove it.

They are appealing that argument by using his 1994 marriage to Aaliyah which was later annuled according to court documents reported by The New York Daily News.

“The government produced in discovery to the defendant the official marriage application, marriage certificate, and annulment records for this marriage. Far from being a one-time mistake, defendant’s sexual abuse of minors was intentional and prolific,” prosecutors say in the documents. “Defendant even married a 15-year-old girl when he was 27 years old.”

R. Kelly is currently facing 18 counts of charges relating to sexual abuse, child pornography, and more in Chicago and Brooklyn. He is currently behind held at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago awaiting trial.