Special Ed On Meaning Of His Name, Battles + How Hip Hop Saved His Life | GOAT Talk

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In a brand new podcast & digital series named GOAT Talk (no … not that one), DJ Enuff sits down with some of the biggest legends in Hip Hop, Sports, and all of Entertainment for an engaging and intimate conversation and stories about their careers, family, life and more!

Today, (July 20) – Special Ed joins DJ Enuff and discusses his earliest memories of rap, battling, the impact of Caribbean Culture on his life and career especially in Flatbush, Brooklyn at the time he began.

The rapper also discussed what stories he did and did not share in his tracks, the meaning behind is name, dealing with systematic oppression, how hip hop saved his life, today’s impact of the genre, and more! Tune in every Thursday for a new episode w/ Swizz Beatz, LL Cool J, and many more!