Twitter Reacts To Akon Admitting He Used His Brother As Body Double When Overbooked

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During an interview with “The Morning Hustle” last week, Akon admitted that he used his brother Abou Thiam as his body double when he would get overbooked for shows.

“Bu was my double. He was my double. This was before the internet. If you saw Abou in one place and you saw me, you couldn’t tell the difference,” the “Locked Up” hitmaker said.

 He continued, “He would do shows for me. I can say it now because its been some years. Sometimes I would be double booked and I would send Abou to one radio show while I’m doing another radio show.”

Akon mentioned that he had so many show offers during the peak of his career and refused to miss out on all the money.

“Bu started off as my hype man on the road. And yeah, I used to get so… we was booked so [much] and I was like, ‘man, all this money I’m leaving on the table.’ We cannot leave all this money on the table,” Akon explained. “It’s interesting. Now I go back to so many stations and we used to have these conversations, now we laugh about it.”

This rumor has been floating around for quite some time and now that the 49-year-old singer spoke his truth, Twitter users had a few things to get off their chest.

“Imagine paying for an Akon show [and] u get Bkon or Ckon,” Twitter user Caseykey00 wrote.

“RADI_thehunter asked, “So which brother threw that guy off the stage?”

“Pusha T look more like Akon [than] his brothers,” another user said.

“Akon, Akun, [and] Acorn been fooling the music industry, was he even really locked up?! Or was that another brother ARob?” NarutoTrickzxTv asked.

“I don’t know who Akon is trying to fool cause they look nothing alike,” Heehaw_JWF wrote.

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