Chlöe Reveals Who Saved Her Life, Exposes Her Cheater + Explains How She Gets Petty With Halle

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Chloe stopped by to talk to Nessa before her tour stop in New York City.

Having just spoken a couple weeks ago, the two picked up where they left off and talked about Chloe’s debut solo album, In Pieces.

The singer also talked about giving herself grace, how she handles trolls and bad comments, people attacking her character, how she deals with being over criticized, enjoying her tour.

She also discussed her sold out shows during her tour and fans singing along, Cardi B’s support and a message Cardi gave her recently, getting to a low where she was crying on the floor, her God mom saving her life, unconditional love, how Halle encourages her to be petty, having separation anxiety from her sister, her song “Cheat Back” and if she ever cheated on a partner.

Chloe didn’t leave without revealing her new crush, sharing what she believes her purpose is, her dream role, advice for her younger self and also plays a game of Would You Rather with Nessa.

In Pieces is available now.