January 30, 2017

Malia Obama Joins Protests For THIS Cause

Ebro In The Morning
Malia Obama Joins Protests For THIS Cause

Photo Credit: Pool / Getty Images

Malia Obama is taking a stance. Now that her father is out of office, she too has to deal with the decisions Trump makes, and she is not here for what he’s doing.

Last week, the Harvard-bound teen was spotted along with about 100 others at the Sundance Film Festival in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. While it has been confirmed that she was in attendance, it has not been confirmed whether she planned to be a part of the protest, or merely caught up in the moment.

As for the Keystone XL pipeline, Trump recently signed an order to put it back into construction, after months of protests in 2016 had seen a small victory with the production being halted. Supporters argue that the construction will provide thousands of jobs, while those opposing it note that it will have a devastating impact on the environment.

Source: USA Today