July 28, 2017

R. Kelly Finally RESPONDS To Cult Allegations! [VIDEO]

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R. Kelly Finally RESPONDS To Cult Allegations! [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Earlier this month, a report from Buzzfeed claims that R. Kelly has a cult that keep woman away from their families and under his rules.

His lawyer made a statement, and one of the girls who is staying with Kellz spoke out denying the allegations while the family speaks out against him.

We had yet to hear directly from R. Kelly…until now.

He released a video calling the rumors “crap.” The tour he speaks of will take him to Maryland, Virginia and New York in the next three days.

Watch the clip below.

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#RKelly publicly addresses claims of him having a sex cult and calls them “crap.” #WhereYoiPhoneAt

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