October 23, 2017

T.I. Says HE Invented Trap Music…Again [PHOTO]

Ebro In The Morning
T.I. Says HE Invented Trap Music…Again [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit:  Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

Did T.I. really invent trap music?

If you listen to entirely to what he says then that’s what history will show you. The rapper sat down with HipHopDX to speak on the hip hop subgenre where he once again proclaimed to be the creator of trap music. 

“Wait a minute, I don’t want it to be hearsay like I’m speculating or proclaiming this personally,” he said. “I want you to tell me when did you first hear the words ‘trap music’ put together before Trap Muzik dropped?”

He then later continued. 

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Facts are facts,” he said. “We can go back historically and check actual references that before that album dropped, the term didn’t exist.”

T.I. released the album Trap Muzik back in 2003 with singles such as “Rubberband Man,” “24’s,” and “Let’s Get Away.”

What do you think about what he said?