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March 27, 2023 - Oumou Fofana

Chrisean Rock Caught Seemingly Smoking Marijuana Amid Pregnancy Claims

chrisean rock
Chrisean Rock Caught Seemingly Smoking Marijuana Amid Pregnancy Claims
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On Friday (March 24), Chrisean Rock was caught smoking what seems to look like marijuana during a club appearance at King of Diamonds in Miami, Florida with boyfriend Blueface.

In a video surfaced on social media, you can see the “vibe” rapper sitting shotgun in a parked car with a blunt between her fingers. The internet has raised concerns because she recently announced that she was pregnant with Blueface’s baby.

“[To be honest] it looks fake, like there’s so [smoke] swirling in the air after. [I don’t know] something seems off,” a twitter user wrote.

“[I don’t know] if Chrisean [pregnant] [because] [the] b**ch do be smoking weed while pregnant,” LeahAlexisss tweeted.

“I know for fact a lot of y’all females [were] smoking while y’all was pregnant. Why [are] y’all bashing Chrisean Rock for doing it?” rOadrunnershad asked.

Some people are even supporting Chrisean Rock, saying it’s fine to smoke marijuana while pregnant. “They posted Chrisean smoking while she was pregnant. So many women are in the comments condoning it, saying the doctors told them to smoke weed [during] their pregnancy for morning sickness. Lmaooo,” _Chrissyyy wrote.

Another Twitter user said, “[Ya’ll] don’t know what that queen [has been] [through] mentally and emotionally. She [does not] need meds to f**k up her baby and weed [helps] with multiple things while being pregnant. Ask any mother that smokes.”

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