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May 11, 2020

Jay-Z's Roc Nation Demands A Fair Trial For Ahmaud Arbery w/ An Open Letter

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Jay-Z's Roc Nation Demands A Fair Trial For Ahmaud Arbery w/ An Open Letter
Jay-Z's Roc Nation is stepping in on the road to justice for Ahmaud Arbery.
We covered the horrible story, an unarmed black man, 25,
was “hunted like an animal,” his father says after two white men shot him in cold blood while running through Brunswick, Georgia in February.
The two men responsible for the killing of an unarmed black man are Gregory McMichael, a former cop, 64, and his Travis McMichael, 34, were arrested for the death of Ahmaud Arbery. Both men were taken into custody and face charges of aggravated assault and murder. However, Roc Nation is demanding the arrest of the neighbor who filmed the killing of the unarmed Ahmaud Arbery.
Roc Nation’s letter, signed by Jay Z, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, and Alicia Keys, also urges state Attorney General Christopher Carr to appoint a special prosecutor to help achieve a fair trial. Roc Nation and other activists want District Attorney Tom Durden removed from the case due to a conflict of interest, his affiliation with Gregory McMichael.
The letter says:
“Everyday activities should not end in death sentences. We must hold people responsible for their actions. Ahmaud Arbery was unarmed and innocent and his killers must be brought to justice.
It goes on to say that as a society we can no longer “pretend that the racial inequities, which exist in every facet of our lives, don't invariably lead down the path to poverty, violence, and death.”
The letter is asking for the cycle to be broken.
“To even think about breaking this cycle we need you to protect the process and preserve the fairness of the trial.”
In a statement, Yo Gotti said, “We are all Ahmaud Arbery.”
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