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December 20, 2022

Joe Budden Says He’d ‘Break Lil Fizz’ + ‘Have Fizz’ Coming Out Of Him Amid Alleged OnlyFans

HOT News
Joe Budden Says He’d ‘Break Lil Fizz’ + ‘Have Fizz’ Coming Out Of Him Amid Alleged OnlyFans
Joe Budden is chiming in on an alleged OnlyFans video of Lil Fizz.
During an episode of Joe’s podcast, he said he’d have “fizz coming out” of the B2K member. Joe said,
“Aye, Lil Fizz, you’re lucky I ain’t see this news sooner. I would have started with this one, buddy. But this why I’ma fight y’all, ’cause y’all have eyes and know some of this is funny. If this n-gga got his ass tooted up in the air on OnlyFans, somebody need to know about that.” Joe went on to say,
“Do I like skinny people? Lil Fizz too small for me. I’d break that lil boy. I’d have fizz coming out of Fizz, man. Get this n-gga outta here.” Take a look:
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Following the alleged leak, Fizz said it wasn’t him. Hip Hop Dx reports Fizz said, “This shit is crazy, the levels these chicks will go to, to try and destroy and ruin you,” he wrote. “Wow unbelievable! Y’all have a happy holiday, that is NOT ME!”
Earlier this year, Joe said he was bisexual. On Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast a few months back, Joe didn’t confirm or deny his sexually. Joe said,
“I’m not ready to share my personal journey. I’m not ready to let you guys into my world. Only do n-ggas in Hip Hop think that’s cool — ‘Yo, I heard you say something. Yeah, you like d*ck?’ Only in Hip Hop do n*ggas think that’s not an intrusive question. That is invasive, that is intrusive. That’s my lifestyle to share, not yours. That’s not your place to pull me out of the closet.”