Ye Signed “F*ck Adidas” Album To Be Auctioned

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A fan is auctioning a copy of Ye’s My Dark Twisted Fantasy album signed “F*ck Adidas” by the mogul. 

TMZ broke the news on Monday morning (May 27) that Ye and Adidas have been at odds since the brand terminated its partnership with the controversial icon in October 2022. The rarity’s owner is starting the bid at $500,000.

Ye autographed the vinyl in Paris last February. While signing, his fans chanted “F*ck Adidas” as he and his wife, Bianca Censori, left the hotel. The fan shared he waited three hours for Ye’s autograph. He has received numerous offers for the autographed vinyl since the video of Ye signing the album went viral.

Ye signed with Adidas in 2013 after leaving Nike. Since Kanye’s departure from Adidas, the two parties have been engaged in an ongoing legal dispute, with Kanye scoring a small victory in court in October 2023.

Adidas has made $437 million from Yeezy sales since cutting ties with the mogul in 2022. Ye and his Yeezy brand have continued to thrive and expand with plans of venturing into adult entertainment.  

In other news, Kanye West and Travis Scott teased a new collaboration as part of the Cactus Jack sneaker campaign, which also features their children and was revealed last week.